Risk Management

Minimizing Risk to Maximize Security

Life does not always go as planned.  Unfortunately, insurance companies will not provide coverage retroactive to the day before the “oh my” incident.  At Capstone Financial we work with our clients to build risk management portfolios that are designed to protect them when life does not follow the script.

When we help our clients build their risk management portfolio, we seek to find any exposure that could cause harm to our clients and their families.  One thing we will not do is use emotion to move a client to action.  Instead, we choose to focus on data.  We assist our clients in understanding what life would look like if there were a death, disability, or long-term care need.  We take into account their existing assets and existing policies and work with our clients to figure out what they would want life to look like in the event one of these things occurred. We help them build a risk management portfolio that they not only understand but that they feel comfortable knowing will be there should it be needed.