Asset Management

Three Pronged Approach

Our focus is on generating the largest amount of spendable dollars for our clients when they want or need those dollars.  It is not about picking the right stock or the popular mutual fund.  Instead, we focus on three things.  First, based on our client’s goals, risk tolerance and time horizon we build a portfolio that usually includes equities, fixed income, and alternatives.  This should mitigate risk as one class falls out of favor another should improve.  Next, we focus on asset location.  In doing so we hope to minimize taxes by assisting our clients in determining which securities should be held in tax-deferred accounts and which securities should be held in taxable accounts.  In doing so our goal is to maximize after-tax returns.  Finally, we discuss distribution strategies even though distribution might not be imminent.  By putting certain strategies in place, we hope to mitigate sequence of return risk during distribution.

Once we have developed a strategy, we shop the market to find the best managers in each asset class to build our client’s portfolio.  Capstone Financial does not have any proprietary products which allows us to find the best options for our client without being beholden to a fund family or investment manager.

There is no “magic bullet” when it comes to investments.  By understanding our clients hopes, goals, fears and dreams and using our three-pronged approach we believe that Capstone’s investment philosophy puts our clients in the best position to succeed throughout the accumulation and distribution phases giving them peace of mind today and throughout retirement.