Independent Broker

Why MassMutual Brokerage?

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) helps you keep your clients covered by offering a range of high-quality insurance products – each backed by the support services and expertise you and your clients deserve. With some of the highest financial strength ratings in any industry, you can be confident MassMutual is always a good decision.

Our Brokerage Director, Bart Schwartz, is there to help you deliver customized solutions, products, and riders to your clients. He provides one-on-one support for all your client needs, including:

  •   Case Consultations
  •   Illustration Support
  •   Plan Designs and Presentations
  •   Product Positioning Strategies
  •   Marketing Support


He can also leverage the expertise of MassMutual’s Estate and Business Planning attorneys who specialize in the following areas:

Personal Strategies: Charitable Gifts/Trusts – CRTs/CLTs, Estate Planning, Family Income Protection Plans, Life Insurance Trusts, Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Retirement Planning: Trusts/ILITs/IDITs, Business Planning, Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

Executive Benefits Planning: Executive 162 Bonus Plans, 412(e)(3) Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans, Long Term Care Insurance Policies, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Qualified Plans, Split Dollar Plans

Capstone Financial, LLC will never ask job candidates to pay any kind of fee, make cash or check advancements, cash checks or make an investment in any product or service or provide information such as credit card numbers or banking PIN numbers as part of our hiring process.

If you are contacted by anyone asking for the information outlined above it is likely fraudulent. If you have any concerns about the veracity of a request, please contact us directly to verify its legitimacy.